Heart et Vie is an e-commerce that gathers, in one place, exclusive high-quality products, carefully chosen by its creator, Tarliza Schall. The name is a composition from the French and English languages, that translates the essence of the brand and highlights love as the foremost aspect to be considered at the beginning of a new life.

Location: United States

Role: Branding

Date: 2019



To create a universe for the brand that would translate a classic and irreverent tone, recapturing the tropical and romantic impression from an early Brazilian era. The sophistication and exclusivity are key-elements for the brand personality — such aspects should shine through the visual identity, but not withholding the modern resonance and adding a touch of rebellion.



Briefed by a sophisticated concept with a hint of irreverence, we created an all-type brand that reflects Heart et Vie’s elegance. To support the brand, we came up with a seal that can either incorporate HetV monogram, or utilize tropical elements, such as a pineapple. The brand coexists in a multicolored universe associated with botanical illustrations that invoke a tropical yet bucolic Brazil.


The symbol reinterprets the Fancy Tropical perception, utilizing the minimalistic shape of a pineapple to bring sophistication for the concept. Its monoline figuration reinforces the product range of the brand — which is focused on hand-made and braided products.

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