Liz, the new fragrance by O Boticário, was created from a concept in which every woman is unique — possessing beauty and strength that are entirely hers.Every story, every right and wrong culminated in self-awareness: these are the layers of experience that built her success story.

Location: Brazil

Role: Branding & Packaging

Date: 2020

Making Things Brighter.
Every Single Day



To create a shape that reinforced every background story of every woman, making strong oceanic reference and also conceiving a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance for the object. The volumetry of 100ml/3.38 fl. oz was also a point of attention, owing the fact that we wanted to create a singular and delicate flacon.


Precisely applied finishing touches deliver elegance and finesse to the perfume bottle. The see-through cap reinforces the brightness of the bottle and the seashell shape alludes to the ocean.


Starting from the proposed concept, we materialized the idea of bringing a seashell that encases a pearl, made of layers that, as time goes by, grows into a sophisticated and desired jewel. This makes reference to women accepting and crowning past achievements and challenges, making themselves more confident and beautiful.


The spherical form designs perfect ergonomics when holding the perfume in one’s hand.


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