We are Sweety

Worldwide design with a Brazilian touch.

We are Sweety

Worldwide design with a Brazilian touch.

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Based in Brazil, spreading ideas around the world. We are multidisciplinary team that aims at elevating the design to a collectible level and create emotional bonds between people, products and brands. This is our goal: to transform each product in something relevant and unique, converting a consumption item into an object of desire through sweetness, vibrancy and joy.

Work with emotional design creating collectible items with affective memory – this is our mission.

SWT Team

Isabela Rodrigues

Creative Director
—  isabela[at]swt.co

Elisa Bortolini

Account + Project Manager
—  elisa[at]swt.co

Rafael Leão

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Ariane Rauber

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Melissa Pozatti

Product Designer

Raissa Caldas

Product Designer

Mariana Costa

Graphic Designer

Gilian Gomes

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Eduarda Tamagno

Account Assistant
—  eduarda[at]swt.co

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What we do best

  • Packaging
  • Branding & Identity
  • Digital Mockup
  • Illustration
  • Product Design
  • Interior Design
  • POS

We are worldwide


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