Branding & Web


Jun 2017

Storefront develops webshops and e-commerce solutions for businesses all over the world. We’ve created a smart symbol using the main letters of the company’s name: S and F. The symbol has a fluid shape that can be used with gradients to make the identity alive and vibrant.

The Challenge

To illustrate a new market segment for Caviar Lime Infused Vodka, differentiating it from today’s flat and monotonous packages therefore translating the theme as fun but sophisticated design. It was also necessary to introduce Caviar Limes to the public as the main focus of the product, showing as much of the floating pulps in the bottle as possible.

 The Solution

Storefront’s icon has multiple possibilities. It can be used with flat colours, gradients, as a background and even as a window to photos and other media. Furthermore, it can be played with or turned sideways. It’s a live symbol, and it can be playful or corporative depending on the situation.


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