Rasen Platz






Nov 2017

Rasen Platz is more than a brewery, it is a full experience regarding the German beer culture. Inspired by the style of Bavarian breweries, the place revives the rustic Germanic atmosphere through a mix between flavors and feelings.



Despite being tied to the Rasen Beer, which is the main product of the brewery, Rasen Platz must be an autonomous brand. The Germanic style permeates the visual identity, but through a more contemporary aesthetic. In addition, the brand must be iconic and easily identified.


In order to translate the Platz experience through a unique symbol, we focused on the two main elements of the brand concept: Platz (German for Place) and Beer. Thinking of integrating these elements, we come to a solution where the pin (classic icon for location) encircles a barley branch, which symbolizes beer. The result is a strong and memorable symbol.


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