Neleman’s Chocolade Bar




Packaging, Branding & Illustration


Dez 2015

The Dutch company Neleman came to us wanting to create a line of giftable chocolate bars. With the idea of bringing the playful childhood spirit with illustrations with references from the 50’s, we’ve created a family of beautiful and heartwarming variations.

The Challenge

To create a beautiful line that not only stood out in the points of sale, but could also be given away as a present for a loved one.

The Solution

With a warm spirit, our characters love chocolate so much they can’t let them go. The color-block delimiting the amount of cacao, makes the recognition of the consumer easier when choosing the product. The vivid colors provide the packaging with an exciting and fun atmosphere, perfect for a gift.

Hand Wrapped

Thinking about the translation of the sensitivity of chocolates from past decades, we decided to opt for the wrapping paper, making the product even more special with the by hand wrapping.


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