Packaging & Branding


Sep 2016

KVR is an alcoholic beverage brand focused on upgrading the experience of drinking. Its main product, a Caviar Lime Infused Vodka, utilizes the exotic fruits as its main differential. Anything but neutral.

The Challenge 

To illustrate a new market segment for Caviar Lime Infused Vodka, differentiating it from today’s flat and monotonous packages therefore translating the theme as fun but sophisticated design. It was also necessary to introduce Caviar Limes to the public as the main focus of the product, showing as much of the floating pulps in the bottle as possible.

The Solution 

We’ve created a packaging experience where the arrows surrounding the logo are used as way to direct the consumer to the floating pulps of the Caviar Limes. To graphically translate the fun, we’ve worked with vibrant complementary colours which result in an eye-catching design. The white and gold are elements that bring the sophistication needed, while the clear space strengthens the minimalistic approach of the brand.


The monogram representing the letters KVR was created to bring  sophistication and easy recognition for the brand. The four points above the monogram symbolize the shape of the caviars and relates with stars, reinforcing the premium aesthetics.

Transport packaging

With a bold dieline and totally designed to complement the aesthetic created for the bottle, the packaging of the transport box is an important element and becomes a highlight at the time of sale.


A display to promote the product was created and a 3L bottle was produced, presenting and introducing the brand to the public.


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