Packaging & Branding


Jan 2017

Jalue Skincare was created with the hope of starting a reutilization of skincare ancient techniques. The Ice Therapy Package is a treatment with five different herbs to provide long term benefits for the skin.

The Challenge 

We were asked to create a completely unique experience for consumers that are looking for a natural and organic treatment for their skin, without leaving out the sophistication and feeling of being amazed by the first contact with the brand. Our challenge, besides creating this scenario, was to modernize the existing logo already on the market, making a smooth but permanent transition for the brand.

The Solution 

We’ve created a color palette that agrees with the orange, color previously defined for the products of the brand. The shades of pink and gold create a sophisticated and modern universe for the kit, that involves all of Jalue’s products. For the brand, we’ve kept the overlapping “Js”, which were already an idea of the initial logo, but we made it more geometrical and simplified the symbol, approaching the public to the brand in an attractive and minimalistic way.




The diagonals throughout the identity of Jalue refer to the act of applying the product on the skin at a 45º degree angle. The product applicator is represented by the orange and the pink represents the femininity an the act of enjoying yourself while taking care of the skin.





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