Branding, Illustration, Packaging & Interior design


Jun 2015

Goovi is a brand of “Brazilian paletas” with a young, innovative soul and a wide range of flavours. The name is the union between the words “Good” and “Vibes”. Goovi is good vibes on a stick.

The Challenge

We were asked to create naming, branding and visual identity for this project. The intention was bringing the company closer to the audience, creating a fun, cool and young brand totally different from the competition. Goovi aimed to have a nice and unusual storytelling,  using a casual tone of voice and a design full of style, elements and vibrant colors.

The Solution

With the concept “What is our vibe? ” , we have created illustrations representing several sensations to be explored . Each sensation is related to a flavour, which turns the product into an experience. The extensive color palette allows plenty of different and vibrant combinations, bringing life to the packaging and to the POS materials.




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