Cuide-se Bem

Cuide-se Bem




Packaging, Branding & Product Design


Oct 2016

Cuide-se Bem is the main line of beauty and personal care products of the brand O Boticário. Sweety & Co. has been invited to redesign the entire identity and products of the line, making them more modern and attractive.

The Challenge 

The brand Cuide-se Bem, although had notoriety and was the great bet of O Boticário, was outdated and did not represent the new face and concept of the Group. The new concept was a provocation and an invitation for women to practice self care and take time for themselves. Betting on a younger and more modern audience, packaging needed to talk to this target.

The Solution 

We created more than products, we created the desire to have (MUST HAVE). The packaging has a modern and collectible look. With vivid and sweet colors, we have created an icon system that brings the family of products together and captures the consumer in a clear and fun way. The duality of the color block is another bet for the graphic concept, which creates a divided visual effect with a lot of color presence.


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