Cleo’s Secret

Cleo’s Secret




Illustration, Branding & Packaging


Dec 2016

Cleo’s Secret is a hand & feet care line of products by the Brazilian cosmetics brand The Beauty Box. The line brings as a concept the secrets Cleopatra’s beauty rituals, known for her exquisite beauty.

The Challenge 

We were invited by The Beauty Box to create a completely new universe for its products, already recognized for using illustrations on their packaging. Cleopatra would be the main character and the color turquoise should also be exploit. The hands and feet care context should be highlighted, since the emollient active principles are a huge feature of this line.

The Solution 

With subtle and delicate details, we’ve created the Cleo’s secret product family, represented by Cleopatra and her pet cat, interacting with each other and accentuating hands and feet as a focal point. The gold tones of the packaging provide the sophistication of ancient Egyptian times. The fine composition between brand and illustration give movement to the products, telling, on each package, a different story.


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