Amêndoas do Brasil






Jan 2015

Located in northeast Brazil, Amêndoas do Brasil is one of the largest exporters of cashew nuts in the world. Among many other products, Chestnut Milk has become the company’s flagship.

The Challenge

For being an international institutional brand, we had the challenge of creating a monogram of easy association that at the same time had a graphic representation highly recognized in several languages. The brand’s posture, although professional and serious, should translate the simplicity and joy that exists in the DNA of the company and its employees.

The Solution

Using the initials of Amêndoas do Brasil, we created a tree icon which, besides being a strong symbol, represents the source of the company’s main product. For the colors, we used a green & brown composition that correspond to the idea of nature, creating a bond with the company’s raw material and a consistence on the whole graphic approach.


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