A Tal da Castanha




Branding, Illustration & Packaging


Feb 2015

A Tal da Castanha is a Brazilian brand focused on nut products. All their processes are natural and sustainable, extracting from the nuts just the essencial to make a tasteful and nutritive product.

The Challenge

We were required to create visual identity and packaging for A Tal da Castanha, that intended to be a young and fun nut brand. The cashew nut, their main product, is exported worldwide from Brazil and is rich in protein and vitamins, besides other benefits. The concept should bring a storytelling on the packaging that could be developed on different kinds of products.

The Solution

For the concept, we transformed the cashew nut into a ludic and funny gimmick, who has a adventurous spirit and is always ready to have some fun. Later, we developed a whole family of gimmicks with personal characteristics, which are presented in different situations according to the product, making the packaging funny and youthful.

360º view. Turn it around!


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